Condition evaluation of engines and hull

  • We provide the ship with a software tool, of a very limited size, where the crew transfers the data derived from the electronic indicator (any type/brand) plus some additional parameters – temperatures, pressures, drafts, ship’s speed, wind, waves, etc.
  • Our analysts communicate with ship’s engineers in order to secure data consistency. Using a tailor-made software and further analysis, performance evaluation reports are created and sent back to ship and Owners/Managers offices.
  • Clear recommendations for remedial/corrective actions are provided assisting the proper adjustment of main and auxiliary engines, as well as proposal for hull cleaning / propeller polishing, if found necessary.
  • All input data, reports, recommendations and follow-up are being stored on the Visitship web site, at a dedicated Client area for easy and prompt access. A traffic light system of the equipment and individual ships is implemented which ensures clear overview of the actual condition and appropriate decisions of ships’ Owners/Managers.