Ship design and strength calculations services

– Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering of marine structures.
Design, redesign and approval calculations using Classification Societies program tools.
– Strength calculations and operation simulations by the Finite Element Method (FEM)
for optimization and class approval.
– Modification designs and approval calculations of special vessels, project equipment and
their integration according to the Offshore Standards.
– Troubleshooting in conceptual, basic and modification designs. Quality control and
technical support during hull and equipment repair.
– Progressive collapse analyses of structures and hull girders for ultimate strength
assessments using standards (Rules) and advance methods. Influence of corrosion and
damages on the strength and cost effective repair proposals.

BWTS installations including 3D scan, prefabrication
drawings and installation

– 3D laser scanning
– System modelling and preparation of the detailed engineering package.
– Installation – mechanical, piping and electrical works